Mailing Lists

When you want private communication between a group of people, mail is a good choice, but when your group gets large enough you need some help. Mailing list software allows you to maintain a list of users, manage subscriptions manually or automatically, moderate messages or not, etc.

Panix hosts mail lists that can appear to be in your own domain, or in ours (, or If you have a Panix forwarded domain, you can use that domain for your list address.

Panix mail lists are run by the GNU Mailman open-source software.

We provide the web-based interface for administering your mailing list. If your mailing list is unadvertised on that page, the direct link is<yourlist>

For more information, please send email to If you're ready to order a list, please use the form at

All Panix accounts are subject to the terms and restrictions found in The Panix Rules of Use. Some accounts and features may be subject to additional restrictions; see The Panix Policies page for details.

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