Newsgroups and posting etiquette

Panix carries groups in the Big Eight (comp, humanities, misc, news, rec, sci, soc, talk) hierarchies by default. We add them automatically upon receipt of the authenticated 'newgroup' message.

We add other groups upon request. Send mail to

We do not carry groups that offer child pornography. If you find such a group, please let us know.

Posting Etiquette

We are one of the most respected public access sites in the world; we expect those of our users who participate in Usenet and other netnews exchanges to familiarize themselves with the basics of "Netiquette" as described in the periodic postings to news.announce.newusers, and we hold our users to appropriate standards.

We have software in place to prevent spam. This software slows down posts for any user who has sent out a great many articles in a short time. Because it is not our intention to prevent legitimate posts from prolific contributors, we send alerts to any user who is approaching the limit. We invite such user to ask us to raise their limit. (The default limit is 100 posts in 24 hours; warning messages are triggered after the 50th post.)

Specific details on limits are available at the News Shogun web site.

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