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Shared-line Telesurfer aDSL
Shared-line service is installed on an existing phone line. If you do not have a land line, or if your existing line is on fiber, please email us or call us at +1 (212) 741-4400 to check availability.

3.0Mbps/384kbps: $55/month
6.0Mbps/768kbps: $75/month
Comtrend AR-5220u 4-port router $99
Dedicated-Line aDSL2
ADSL2 is the next generation of ADSL, providing better bandwidth over longer distances in both directions.

8.0Mbps/1.0Mbps: $125/month
10.0Mbps/1.0Mbps: $150/month
15.0Mbps/1.0Mbps: $175/month
Installation $175
Comtrend AR-5220u 4-port router $99
Prices do not include fees and surcharges.
Discounted yearly rates are available: Prepay for eleven months, get the twelfth month free!
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The standard aDSL package includes:
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aDSL Add-Ons:

The Fine Print

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